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PostSubject: The CREAMZOR Issue   The CREAMZOR Issue I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 29, 2009 4:52 pm

The Creamzor Issue

Ok i was getting ready to join a server and i had just spawned....and i noticed cremzor, so yeah i said HI and then it wasent 10 seconds lator i had seen he was granted rcon....and within the next 3 seconds i was kicked....

and this was for no reason at all other than for him self looking good among the other players...most of them was of the 81 l clan and a few others that i do not know of nor, ever seen.
however there was 8 ppl in the room...and one also said that the "I_M_P clan sucks" witch i am in.

The Notice To All Red Faction PLayers

ok as i have been monitoring Creamzor these past few weeks, i have noticed that he has been banning for no reason, and without warning.
also not respecting the server rights and rules and the players there of.

modding is one thing...but trying to destroy the Red Faction network is another, and he is doing it one person at a time, by banning them.

i love Red Faction as we all do...but how are we to enjoy it when we are banned?

...I am making a WARNING To CREAMZOR that i will have him black listed...also if this problem contenues...that i may also request for him to be banned from the THQ network, and that will be the end of story.

This i will not, and do not, accept his actions in any way.

however...I am REQUESTING for server owners to have your "Rcon" pass changed and to only provide to people you know and trust.

there are alot of people out in the Red Faction network that do not diserve to have Rcon rights, and this is one of thos persons.
i faild to get his IP but he had banned me before i could do so.

if any one has his IP range please post it here for the owners of the RF servers may bann him if they so choose to do so.


If Any One Has Been Banned

Please Post Your Story Here, Also Post The Name Of The Rcon Holder Who Is Responsable For The Actions.

The CREAMZOR Issue Hawkssignaure2-1-1
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PostSubject: Re: The CREAMZOR Issue   The CREAMZOR Issue I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 1:06 am

Creamy is the biggest NOOB to ever hit RF.
I guess it steems from him being sexualy abused as a child by his father, he has since had a twisted thought patern centering around Creamy chocolate & his anus.
Go figure.
Some of the old time RF players have been enjoying owning his gay ass for quite sometime now.
Seems he will never be respected in the RF comunity.
Loser NOOBS never are!

We at the original 81 clan site would like to offer RGF the opertunity to become an affiliate with us.

81 Clan

Here is our affiliate button.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="O4L"></a> 
Here also is his IP
You should range ban it like so 66.189.*
That should keep him out.
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