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PostSubject: OS Stuff .   OS Stuff . I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 06, 2010 6:03 pm

I've branched this off into another thread as we've gotten off the topic of RF on Ubuntu.

Elements MOD RF wrote:
But i do have to disagree with you when you said "The penetration of Linux on the desktop in 2001 was minuscule compared to what it is today (not like it's much today anyways)." Linux is used on desktops all over the place. Most search engines use linux for their servers.... and most all of my friends have used linux for years. Most businesses prefer linux over windows. Linux is practically like mac. Except linux is a free open source operating system. Even i used to use linux on a daily basis. Linux its self is so much better than windows. It cannot get a virus, and all of the files are protected by a set admins password the user specifies. Linux also doesn't have a registry. A registry is completely unneeded. The windows inventors were completely inexperienced, and they integrated a registry into windows because they didn't know any better. The whole "unprotected" file scheme in windows completely sucks. You can be running a virus in the background and not even know it. It can access any files inside windows system folders that it wants. I still use windows, but im very cautious about what i run. Windows XP is better than windows 7, vista, or any other version of windows. It is the most stable, and most used by people.

This is kind of ranting and raving..... but i didn't want to leave anything

I wouldn't say that Linux is like Mac OS X. I would, however, say that both Linux and OSX share Unix roots. (Well, technically OSX has its roots in FreeBSD, but that's got Unix roots anyways so I digress Razz)

My stance on Linux (any distro) is that it's good as a server OS or for very specialized applications, but beyond that, it's a mess.

You are correct that Linux is used by most search engines (and most hosting companies as well) for their servers. However, servers aren't desktops. Most servers are running a very specific set of applications - usually LAMP when it comes to web servers - and certainly aren't running the myriad of different applications that the average desktop PC is running.

You are, however, incorrect in saying that machines running Linux cannot get a virus. You would have been correct if you said Linux cannot get a Windows-specific virus (well, unless you're running Wine or something). Linux virii exist, but not in the number that they do for Windows. Why? Well, it's harder to write a virus for Linux... but not necessarily for the right reasons. I do feel that inherently Linux is a more secure operating system than any Windows version released, but I really don't think any OS can be virus-proof. You also need to take into account the lack of standardization in various Linux distros that makes it harder to code a virus... and also makes it harder to code and distribute legitimate applications. Choice can be overrated.

About Linux not having a registry, meh. I prefer a consolidated registry (a la Windows) to the way that most Linux applications store their settings (big globs of text files and dotfolders). Interestingly enough though, GNOME uses gconf to store settings. gconf is basically meant to be a better version of the Windows registry. Too bad gconf shares many problems with the Windows registry system (problems that could be easily solved with a bit of forethought).

On the whole issue of security though, Windows is plenty secure for me. For me, it's just as secure (or even more secure) than any other operating system. Why? Because I'm not an average user Razz. I don't click on every flashing banner ad I see. I don't use Internet Explorer. I get updates and patches for software. I don't download random cracks that have malware bound to them.

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Elements MOD RF
Elements MOD RF

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PostSubject: Re: OS Stuff .   OS Stuff . I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 06, 2010 7:06 pm

Lol, i do agree with you. You corrected my mistakes in my post that i didn't think through before typing. But yes, everything in your last post i agree with. And really... linux does put registry items in globs of text
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