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 So that everyone knows whats up!!!

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So that everyone knows whats up!!! Empty
PostSubject: So that everyone knows whats up!!!   So that everyone knows whats up!!! I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 04, 2009 3:06 am

I have been working on my house fixing somethings and I have had some other things going on here lately so I havent been able to get much done at all for the server and the tutorials I wanted to do.

For a while I am letting luv 2 die take care of the server he will be the one to go to if you have a issue. Keep posting things here about the server and he will respond when he sees it. I am going to truly be off the server for some time and most likely not on here as well. So Happy Fragging all and I'll see yah when I get back on here.

BTW I will still have the server running from my computer here but luv 2 die will be the one who is in charge unban requests as well as the rcon requests and so on.
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So that everyone knows whats up!!!
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